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Hey team,

Our latest mag goes on sale today and in this issue we again look to update the hunting and shooting community on the current state of New Zealand’s Firearms Law Reform.

The feature includes information at hand as the government "buy-back" swings into action. We have a long way to go...

Of special note is the appointment of New Zealand’s foremost litigators, Jack Hodder QC, to lead COLFO’s class action against the Government on behalf of responsible firearm licence holders.

There is also a heap of great articles from our talented writers covering optics, firearms, hunting, reloading and plenty more! Thank you guys, your work is very much appreciated!

Keep an eye out for each other through this difficult time and remember that regardless of what firearms you shoot or how you hunt, we are all connected in some way.

Take care, talk soon.


Nik - Editor/Publisher


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“Frontier – the Battle for the North Island”

Peter Maxwell’s controversial book about the New Zealand War campaigns of the 1860s tells a story few New Zealanders really understand, and has now been reprinted a third time.

“Frontier” threads these complex events into their direct chronological sequence, traces the campaigns on the ground, and unlike the politically correct accounts approved off by the academics, treats both Maori and European fighting men with respect.

The latest 384 page revised edition is on sale now, and contains additional maps and illustrations not found in the two earlier editions.

To purchase your copy of Frontier click here.


Transparency: The future of hunting and shooting in New Zealand

Like me, I’m sure many of you are beginning to wonder what exactly does the future hold for firearm ownership (and the myriad of associated activities) in New Zealand. As the government led confiscation of once legal firearms from law abiding licensed firearms owners begins, what I really want clarification from the government is, how far... read more

COLFO lead Fair & Reasonable campaign - they need your help.

Yesterday morning COLFO launched a new campaign to fight against the Government ramming through reactive, and impractical firearms laws which penalise you as responsible firearms owners.  The Fair and Reasonable Campaign is a coalition of firearms owners and stakeholders who are concerned as a result of the rushed firearms legislation i... read more

Intro Column #173: It’s become somewhat of a cluster...

​ What a mess the New Zealand hunting and shooting community has been placed in. The amount of misinformation, mainstream media bias and cluelessness of those responsible for the implementation of our new guns laws has left many in a spin. And it is little wonder that law abiding licensed firearm owners are becoming increasingly frustrated... read more

Intro Column #172: 15/03/2019

On March 15, 2019 the entire nation of New Zealand became victim to one of the most heinous acts of terrorism our country has ever faced. 50 New Zealanders were mercilessly gunned down and killed, with another 50 receiving serious and life-threatening injuries. The lives of thousands of kiwis were immediately and forever changed from this point... read more

Intro Column #171: Mission Accomplished –

Following on from last issue’s editorial, I am pleased to report that Nathan and I secured out first deer together. A late evening fallow hunt in the Te Puke hills came good as we reached a milestone that has been in my mind well before I even had kids. I’m currently working on an article about Nathan’s journey into hunting and sho... read more

Intro Column #170: "5 more minutes Dad!"

​ When Nathan said that to me the other week during an evening fallow hunt, it immediately reminded me of when I turned to Dad on the evening of a sika hunting trip on April 12, 1989 and uttered to him, “Don’t move Dad!” before lining up and taking the shot on a Southern Kaimanawa 8pt sika stag. It was my first deer and cemented my love ... read more

Intro Column #169: Get Involved...

If you think your hunting and shooting activities are safe, think again. It has become increasingly obvious that our recreational pastimes are under real threat as those in power look to place further restrictions on our firearm ownership while systematically undermining our hunting heritage and game animal harvesting opportunities. The most... read more

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