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NZG&H Magazine Issue #160 is in stores now! Featured in this issue are some great waterfowling and shotgun articles, just in time for opening morning which is rapidly approaching.

We also cover red, wapiti, tahr and chamios hunting as well as an excellent firearm article, written by NZG&H Contributor, Tim Watson, on the rifle originally owned by Viv Donald (now owned by Tim's family) who secured NZ's first wapiti trophy, under licence, with it. A real piece of NZ hunting history so make sure you check that out!

Check out some of articles and features in this issue, including:

• Viv Donald & his .280 Ross
• Bettinsoli's Zephyr 12 & 20 Gauges
• Sika Hunting Tips & Info: Series 2
• Lake Katherine Wapiti Rut 2016; Pt 2
• Kimber 84M Hunter .308 Winchester
• Sauer Model 100 Classic XT .243 –
• Tahr and Chamois Hunt
• Vortex Talon HD 10x42 Binoculars
• The .243 Winchester: Then and Now
• On your bike!
• The 156th NRA Champs
• Top Shotguns for the 2017 Season



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“Frontier – the Battle for the North Island”
Peter Maxwell’s controversial book about the New Zealand War campaigns of the 1860s tells a story few New Zealanders really understand, and has now been reprinted a third time. “Frontier” threads these complex events into their direct chronological sequence, traces the campaigns on the ground, and unlike the politically correct accounts approved off by the academics, treats both Maori and European fighting men with respect.
The latest 384 page revised edition is on sale now, and contains additional maps and illustrations not found in the two earlier editions.
To purchase your copy of Frontier click here.

Kawekas: Te Pukeohikarua, Harkness & Tussock Huts

6th – 9th September 2015 Over the last five issues of NZG&H we have hunted and traversed some of the most iconic sika hunting areas in the Kaimanawa and Kaweka Forest Parks, including the Southern Kaimanawa Access Poled Route, Ruatea (Jap Creek) Stream, Middle Hill, Ballard & Makino Huts, Waipakihi Hut, and Oamaru, Tussock & Boyd H... read more

Kaimanawas/Kawekas: Oamaru, Tussock and Boyd Hut Traverse

22nd – 25th July 2015 I have to admit to being pretty excited when the time came to head away for this trip. The Oamaru has special meaning to me, it’s where my sika-hunting career really began and each time I walk up the steps to the hut I am reminded of some of my most memorable trips. To sweeten the deal, I decided to head further in a... read more

Reloading Ramblings

Rob Bedingfield tinkers with loads... Just when I thought that all my rifles had carefully worked up loads that could not be improved on, I started to think that maybe they could be optimized just a little further. This is possibly because of my impending retirement and the thought of having nothing to do except housework. Choosing the optim... read more

Getting the most from your new “out of the box” rifle

Don MacDonald tells how... With today’s rifles “out of the box” accuracy has never been better, and there are not too many that won’t shoot a 100 yard group under two inches with the right ammo. Some manufacturers like Remington claim sub MOA and some like Weatherby even prove it with a test target. Most of these rifles are mass produced... read more

Zoli Z-Sport

Mark Stone reacquaints himself with the Z-Sport, a gun that’s brought Zoli international success... While every top gunmaker offers a selection of shotguns specifically designed for each of the various disciplines, there’s always one particular model that’ll bring them the recognition they seek, and that’s their sporters. In the hands of... read more

Savage’s Little Rascal –

Don MacDonald buys a tiny .22 for his boys... Teaching a child to hunt and shoot can be a difficult task. It’s not usually a lack of enthusiasm on the child’s part, but rather the dimensions of the equipment. Many adult shooters struggle to find a firearm that fits their shooting style, so how can you possibly teach a youngster the correct f... read more

NZ Firearms & Hunter Education is a new online firearm and hunter safety course. It’s been designed to give today’s hunters and shooters a comprehensive core knowledge of safety issues. Ideal for those wanting to obtain a firearms licence.

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The NZG&H sika hunting column featuring tips & information on hunting methods, areas to hunt, huts & campsites to check out, weather
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Now that the first Sika Hunting Tips & Info series has been completed, what better way to wrap it up than to collate it all together and create a booklet for hunters to refer to.

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