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Hey team,

NZG&H Issue #171 is on sale now!

This issue is absolutely loaded with a plethora of all things guns and hunting, with just about every aspect covered to some degree.

A massive shout-out has to go the NZG&H writers – their dedication and commitment to the magazine is prevalent amongst the pages.

Awesome work guys!

Of note is the Sika Hunting Tips & Info series kicking off once more (any excuse to chase sika) with the third installment on page 24 of this issue.

Fraser Winskill also begins a series on custom rifles and his first article discusses the “why” on building a
custom rig.

Craig Maylam reviews the Browning Sweet 16 semi-auto shotgun and Hayden Sturgeon offers some excellent roar hunting advice.

Lots to pour over as we lead up to the two biggest calendar events of the year!

To all those hunting over the rut and game bird season, good luck and
stay safe!


Nik - Editor/Publisher


Issue #171 Subscription Winner:

Congratulations to David Theyer, Christchurch, winner of the last LonelyTrack Wilder II Olive Top!

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“Frontier – the Battle for the North Island”

Peter Maxwell’s controversial book about the New Zealand War campaigns of the 1860s tells a story few New Zealanders really understand, and has now been reprinted a third time.

“Frontier” threads these complex events into their direct chronological sequence, traces the campaigns on the ground, and unlike the politically correct accounts approved off by the academics, treats both Maori and European fighting men with respect.

The latest 384 page revised edition is on sale now, and contains additional maps and illustrations not found in the two earlier editions.

To purchase your copy of Frontier click here.


Intro Column #170: "5 more minutes Dad!"

​ When Nathan said that to me the other week during an evening fallow hunt, it immediately reminded me of when I turned to Dad on the evening of a sika hunting trip on April 12, 1989 and uttered to him, “Don’t move Dad!” before lining up and taking the shot on a Southern Kaimanawa 8pt sika stag. It was my first deer and cemented my love ... read more

Intro Column #169: Get Involved...

If you think your hunting and shooting activities are safe, think again. It has become increasingly obvious that our recreational pastimes are under real threat as those in power look to place further restrictions on our firearm ownership while systematically undermining our hunting heritage and game animal harvesting opportunities. The most... read more

Kaweka Ranges: Omarukokere Tops, Mangaturutu & Venison Tops

11th Sep – 14th Sep 2017 In my late teens and early 20s a few mates and I did several trips into Ngaawapurua Hut and it was during these hunts that I spent quite a bit of time up on Te Ruatakaikare. From high up on this central Kaweka location I would often gaze towards the expansive, open tops of both Te Pukeohikarua and Ngakawekaiti. The... read more

Kaweka Ranges: Manson Country

28th Jul – 31st Jul 2017 The Manson, another iconic area, and if the number of hut bookings is anything to go by, one of the most popular fly-in destinations in the Kawekas. Comprising some of the best open tops, scrub gullies and bush stalking opportunities the Kawekas has to offer, it is no wonder that this area receives high concentrations ... read more

Northern Kaimanawas: Tiki Tiki Stream

19th May – 22nd May 2017 The Northern Kaimanawas would easily be the one area where I have spent much of my time in the pursuit of sika – the Kaipo River, the lower reaches of Ruatea ‘Jap Creek’ Stream, and the Tiki TIKI Stream top the list of places I’ve hunted in this region. As soon as I had my firearms and driver’s licences, m... read more

Intro Column #168: No GAC, no game, no guns...

Crikey, things are really starting to heat up in the hunting, shooting and outdoors sectors. It feels like we are getting bombarded from all directions by those in power who seek to take away much of what we value. Minister of Conservation Eugenie Sage has recently proposed the axing of the Game Animal Council (GAC) in what is arguably a str... read more

Intro Column #167: Skin in the game...

As we wrap up our 167th issue, New Zealand Guns & Hunting magazine enters a new phase as my wife Amanda and I take over the business from Peter and Lesley at the end of June.  Peter (Dad) and Lesley look to begin their retirement and I have somehow managed to coax the magazine from them! Both Amanda and I are looking forward to beco... read more

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The NZG&H sika hunting column featuring tips & information on hunting methods, areas to hunt, huts & campsites to check out, weather
and terrain.

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Now that the first Sika Hunting Tips & Info series has been completed, what better way to wrap it up than to collate it all together and create a booklet for hunters to refer to.

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