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COLFO: The Police begin their raids looking for newly illegal arms

By Nicole McKee, COLFO

It appears our worst fears are playing out. Earlier in the week, the Police began executing search warrants to find newly banned firearms, and as you will see among those they are targeting are lawful, responsible firearms owners.


Have a read of this account of Dieuwe de Boer - who we understand has no convictions or police record.  


You might ask what prompted the 12 armed police to arrive at the doorstep? A military style assault rifle? A gang cache of arms? None of those. The Police got a warrant to find an illegal mag for a lever action .22 which Mr de Boer referred to in his submission to the Select Committee.


So much for Stuart Nash’s repeated assurances that the law changes were only targeting ‘guns designed to kill people’. New Zealand has been led down the garden path...


Mr dr Boer writes: The implications of this are rather stunning. I took the photo and publicised the details about this firearm as part of the select committee process. This good-faith evidence was used by the police as a justification for their raid. Do we now live in a country where public evidence given to a select committee will be used against you to suit the political purposes of the police?


Anyone who’s publicly talked about or posted a picture of their grandfather’s little .22LR pump/lever action can get raided, as these rifles all had 10+ capacity prior to the draconian new rules. Admitting you had one a year ago is reason enough to warrant a raid on your property today.



In the event that you are paid a visit by the Police and they want to see your firearms, or if they come with a warrant, we have prepared advice which is available here.


I thought it silly to think that Police would be targeting such things as .22’s, but reading the account I have to seriously question the Police’s priorities.


Thank you for your support.


Nicole McKee


Fair and Reasonable Campaign

Fair and Reasonable

PO Box 24020,

Manners Street,

Wellington 6142,

New Zealand


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