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COLFO Newsletter October 2019

  •   8th Sep, 2019 Sep 8, 2019, 12:00 AM
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Fair and Reasonable Campaign


On 10 July COLFO launched its new website to raise funds in support of its campaign to address the government’s rushed new arms legislation.


These new laws are the most significant changes to our rights and privileges in almost four decades, so we are hiring experts and lawyers to set up systems to ensure that our efforts and communications are timely, effective and professional. We have built this website to ensure our information is not censored or misrepresented by individuals or organisations with their own agendas. We will need people full time to research and to respond to your questions, record stories and suggestions, and to ensure we capture email addresses.


“Remember that these are just the first set of proposals. More onerous restrictions could be included as the Bill goes through the Parliamentary process.”


We will need hundreds of thousands to take a court case seeking full compensation for the loss of your hobby, sport and lifestyle. We can start this by correcting the misinformation circulated about firearms and their owners. That’s why we need you to donate.



To supervise the spending of donations COLFO has asked the following people to act as guardians to ensure that the funds are used only for the Campaign.


Rachael Dean MNZM – COLFO Council Member, Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Fraud Examiner.


Bill O’Leary – Immediate Past President NZDA, Retired Board Member Game Animal Council.


David Tipple – Firearms Dealer and Importer.


The campaign work plan includes:

  • A public information campaign on what the new law and regulations mean and what firearms are affected.
  • Assessing and circulating summaries and advice – plain English guidance on what to take into account, when and how to comply with the law.
  • Helping allied organisations to inform each other and their members of developments and implications as they emerge.
  • Providing spokespeople to comment on the issues, to help responsible journalists limit the influence of bigotry and false claims.
  • Ensuring that Parliamentarians, Police and government learn of the unintended effects of rushed law.
  • Recommending constructive ways to improve the Arms Act, achieving the safety objectives with less taxpayer cost, minimising the effect on compliant firearm owners.
  • Preparing and pursuing court challenges.
  • Defending the rights, privileges and processes that have underpinned New Zealand’s traditional trust and co-operation between Police and Licensed Firearm Owners.



The end of the surrender period and amnesty (20 December) will come soon enough, and the risk that people wanting to comply will postpone it until too late is real. Owners are concerned they will not get fair compensation. Our highest priority is to sort out with Police and government exactly how firearm owners can receive fair compensation for what they lose.


We have established a communication tool that will enable us to communicate directly with all members who have joined the campaign.



Police have produced a Price List for all the now prohibited firearms which together with a programme of collection events around the country may be found on the police website:


If your prohibited firearm is not on the list please phone 0800 311 311 and ask them to update the list. The Amnesty for Prohibited Ammunition expires on 30 September 2019, see Regulation 28Z.



In announcing the details of the next Arms Act amendment Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern put the government spin on the early stages of the “buyback” scheme saying it had started well with 2100 people handing in 3200 firearms and 7800 parts for a total compensation of $6.1 Million. Then she quoted examples of three people who were happy to have handed in their guns to make NZ safer by ridding the country of these most dangerous weapons.


The new law changes include:

  • Establishing in law that owning a firearm is not a right, but a “privilege”.
  • Tougher criteria for being deemed a “fit and proper” person for both licence holders and dealers. 
  • Registration of all firearms. Police will manage a new online register requiring you to list all your guns as you renew your licence, or buy/sell a firearm.
  • Giving the Police increased rights to enter property to inspect firearm security.
  • Police will be able to access data on people they consider ‘at risk’ through medical professionals. Visiting a doctor about mental illness (such as depression) is likely to trigger a ‘flag’ in the Police’s system. Police will have increased powers to immediately revoke licences and confiscate firearms.
  • Require licences to purchase ammo, magazines, and parts.
  • Require licences to be renewed every five years (rather than the current 10), and increasing the
    licence fees.
  • Clubs and ranges will now need to be licensed.
  • A new nine person group will be set up to advise police, with a plan to completely overhaul the Arms Act again in five years’ time. The Prime Minister says she wants the group to include people from outside the firearms community.
  • New controls on advertising of firearms and ammo.
  • No gun sales to tourists.


Remember that these are just the first set of proposals. More onerous restrictions could be included as the Bill goes through the Parliamentary process.


The Fair & Reasonable campaign has engaged lawyers to help make submissions and put together resources for you – to ensure your voice is heard during the Select Committee process. 


Our efforts can only go so far as our resources can stretch.


That’s why we are crowdsourcing for the Fair and Reasonable fighting fund.



The Council of Licenced Firearm Owners works to protect your rights & priviliges.


For only $23 you can become an individual supporter of COLFO:


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