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COLFO UPDATE: Call to extend firearms licensing

By Nicole McKee, COLFO

The Council of Licenced Firearms Owners (COLFO) is calling for an equal extension to all licencing regimes, following the Government’s announcement today offering motorists a six-month licencing grace period.


COLFO says that like motorists, licenced firearms owners are unable to renew their licences during the lockdown and fear breaking the law as their licences lapse.


Spokesperson Nicole McKee says:


Licenced firearms owners know that it is up to them to comply with the law, or risk being prosecuted. Members of our community with expiring licences are risking confiscation of firearms and loss of access to undertake their legitimate work needs, their sports and pastimes.


Law abiding by nature, our community is worried. Our inability to renew licences during the lockdown could see us charged for illegal possession of firearms. We are worried about being made criminals through no fault of our own.


“COLFO says that like motorists, licenced firearms owners are unable to renew their licences during the lockdown and fear breaking the law as their licences lapse.”


“COLFO is calling on the Minister of Police and other Government ministers to follow the example set by the Minister of Transport and extend licencing regimes to prevent people falling foul of the law.


Like all New Zealanders, our licenced firearms community is concerned about their health and incomes. Having the additional threat of becoming paper criminals hanging over their heads is a worry the Government can and should remove.


We urge the Government to grant a firearms licence extension to prevent members of our community undue stress during this unprecedented time.


Nicole McKee




The Council of Licenced Firearm Owners works to protect your rights & priviliges.


For only $23 you can become an individual supporter of COLFO:


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