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Fair and Reasonable Update: Why the government has it wrong

By Nicole McKee, COLFO


On Tuesday, the Arms Legislation Bill is likely to be back in Parliament for its most critical stage and I’m emailing to ask for your help for one last push to get the public to understand why this is so important.


With your help, we’ll be able to buy full-page ads across the country, and launch an online advertising campaign to explain to the public the issues – without media misrepresentation.



Obviously we can't use previous funds raised for the court case for advertising - so we’re asking you to help us run this advert (link to PDF here).


Click here to chip-in so we run it across the country


Our lawyers have been working hard pointing out the flaws of the Bill. But to defeat the measures we still need to get the public on board and understanding the issues.


“The next week or so is make or break in terms of this Bill. And we know that the political parties are polling New Zealanders every week on this and other issues, so now is the time to do this.”


We’ve been battling the media to get a fair hearing since day one so that’s why it’s time to talk to the public directly. 


We need $32,000 to hit all the major papers and run an effective online campaign. 


Every dollar donated on this page will be used for advertising and getting the messages out to the public.


If we raise more than $32,000, we’ll make the online advertising campaign reach even more New Zealanders.


Key messages:

  • A register of firearms will create a shopping list that could be hacked by criminals – putting people in your neighbourhood at risk. The real threat to community safety is criminal owned firearms – ones they own now, have stolen or smuggled. These will not be registered.

  • Licensing of rifle clubs and ranges will discourage volunteers – the people who oversee the safe use and control of firearms. When the clubs close, ranges will close, leaving only local public areas for users to practice.

  • Pests threaten our wildlife and economy, but the Bill limits special firearm permits for pest controllers, meaning our pest free 2050 goal will rely on poison

  • Government will punish legal firearms owners for technical license breaches with penalties that are harsher than penalties for deliberate crimes committed on citizens by criminals.


The next week or so is make or break in terms of this Bill. And we know that the political parties are polling New Zealanders every week on this and other issues, so now is the time to do this.


With your support, we’ll get the public (and the politicians) to understand why rejecting the Bill’s measures is so important.


Click here to chip-in so we can go ahead and book the full-page ads.


Thank you for your support.

PS. This is now make or break. If we can’t raise the money, we can’t run the ads and are less likely to convince the politicians.


Click here to contribute with a confidential donation.


Thank you for your support.


Nicole McKee


Fair and Reasonable Campaign

Fair and Reasonable

PO Box 24020,

Manners Street,

Wellington 6142,

New Zealand


Keep up with Fair and Reasonable on Facebook.


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