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Fair and Reasonable Update: Government debates second reading

By Nicole McKee, COLFO

Last night Parliament debated the second reading of the Arms Legislation Bill. New Zealand First, Labour, and Greens all supported the Bill.


But last night’s debate showed that the Government doesn’t have it all stitched up. This isn’t a done deal. There are still two more rounds of votes before the Bill can become law.


ACT and National maintained their opposition to the Bill. Click here and here to see the main speeches. They deserve credit for being principled because some of their supporters will think the Bill could improve their safety. They’ll have been influenced by the Government’s exploitation of the Christchurch massacre. But the Bill can only pass with NZ First support. The Bill can only change now if NZ First insist.


“...last night’s debate showed that the Government doesn’t have it all stitched up. This isn’t a done deal. There are still two more rounds of votes before the Bill can become law.”


The speeches suggest clear differences within the Coalition government. It is not clear whether NZ First will end up supporting, amending, or rejecting the Bill. If they oppose this Bill, or make genuine improvements to it, they’ll have earned their place in history. 


An email directly from you to NZ First MPs could tip them over the line. Give them the spur (or courage) they need.


Here is the video of the 10 minute speech by NZ First MP Ron Mark (the only NZ First MP to speak on the Bill last night).


Mr Mark makes all of the right noises - makes multiple references to the ‘Fair and Reasonable’ campaign and defends COLFO. But NZ First still voted with Stuart Nash.


Our lawyers, board and volunteers can only do so much. NZ First can stop the damage the Police are doing to our traditional trust and cooperation. We can all show NZ First MPs there will be gratitude. If NZ First support this Bill, they’ll be toast this election.


There are more than a quarter of a million licenced firearms owners - please make that voice heard NOW.


We’ve created a tool for you to send an email to every NZ First MP. Click here to send a message.


Tailor your message - especially if you voted NZ First at the last election. Make it polite but personal. If you have trusted Mr Peters and his team, say how. It does not need to be lengthy. MPs don’t have time for long messages. 


NZ First have said they stand for licenced firearms owners. The Bill as it came from Select Committee with their blessing was almost worse than it went in. Claiming to stand for us is worthless if they pass this Bill.


Thank you for your support.


Nicole McKee


Fair and Reasonable Campaign

Fair and Reasonable

PO Box 24020,

Manners Street,

Wellington 6142,

New Zealand


Keep up with Fair and Reasonable on Facebook.


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