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Fair and Reasonable Update: Hunting now banned

By Nicole McKee, COLFO

The National State of Emergency that has been in force since 25 March 2020 allows the Government to issue Orders under the Health Act 1956.


Last night a new order that makes it clear what you can and can’t do in terms of leaving your house for the purposes of recreation was signed.


“In short, Police do have the ability to stop you from going hunting and can enforce this ban.”


It states that you cannot leave your residence for the purpose of hunting, fishing, tramping, swimming, boating or any activity that could require search and rescue.


You can find a copy of the order here:


Our lawyers have studied the new Order. It is so explicit there can be no doubt a constable would be fully justified in arresting or otherwise using force to stop people hunting or being outside their ‘current place of residence’ except for one of the express exceptions.


In short, Police do have the ability to stop you from going hunting and can enforce this ban. The Order expires at midnight on 22 April 2020 unless it is revoked earlier or extended.


I make no comment on the merits of the ban, but with the roar upon us, I thought I had better let you know ASAP.


Stay safe,


Nicole McKee


Fair and Reasonable Campaign

Fair and Reasonable

PO Box 24020,

Manners Street,

Wellington 6142,

New Zealand


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