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GAC Update: Hunters urged to use Tahr Returns App at Level 2

By Tim Gale, Game Animal Council

With the tahr rut upon us and people heading back into the hills following the COVID-19 lockdown the Game Animal Council is encouraging tahr hunters to make use of the new Tahr Returns App.


The information gained from the App presents the first proper opportunity for tahr hunters to prove the value of recreational hunting in tahr management. Every tahr that is logged by recreational hunters through the App is one less that will be culled through official control.


The more hunters use the App, the more accurate the data, the better the outcomes will be for hunting in future tahr management. It’s as simple as that!” says Tim Gale, Game Animal Council General Manager


“Every tahr that is logged by recreational hunters through the App is one less that will be culled through official control.”


No individual results or personal information are held by either DOC or the Game Animal Council. Return data is downloaded and aggregated on a daily basis with only the accumulated information available to DOC and the Game Animal Council at a management unit level.



We have produced a new video from General Manager Tim Gale explaining why and how to use the App.




Search and install Survey123 for ArcGIS from the App Store, then follow the prompts and sign in to the App using:


Username: tahrNZ

Password: tahr2020


More detailed instructions are available at:


or via the QR code:



Tim Gale

General Manager, GAC

021 688 531


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