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NZDA Brand Refresh

By New Zealand Deerstalkers Association

NZDA is excited to showcase our refreshed branding and logo. As part of our push to modernise our Association, over the past year the National Executive engaged a media consultant and branding expert, Leverage. The result is a stunning suite of new logos, fonts and styles fit for our times.


Our new Chief Executive Officer, Gwyn Thurlow, will oversee the delivery of our refreshed branding as well as the full replacement of our website. The official branding launch will occur after Conference, with the website to be developed in 2020 over the coming months.


Q: Why are we doing a brand refresh?

We want our brand to reflect the culture of our Association and to ultimately stand out. Our current brand identity has not kept pace with technology, and the brand refresh will mean it is fit for purpose across digital platforms and give us an opportunity to bring more consistency across the our branches and social media accounts.


Our updated look is modern and fresh but is not a wholesale change to our existing identity. We are seeking to enhance what we already have.

Q: When will it be introduced?

The new branding will go live in August and we will update all our emails, templates and letterheads. We will also make the logos and style guides available to branches to adopt the branding.


Q: What will happen to the old branding?

We will launch the new branding in a sustainable way, which will mean that we will continue to use our existing stationary. Over time however, this will eventually be replaced.


All digital formats will use the branding from August. The existing website will remain up until replaced with the new website (this will happen in 2020).


“Our updated look is modern and fresh but is not a wholesale change to our existing identity. We are seeking to enhance what we already have.”


Q: What are the next steps?

NZDA National office will update its stationary, merchandise, IT templates and documents using the new branding. Branches can adopt it as soon as they are able. Branches will be given access to all the files, fonts and style guides.


Q: Can we order swag and merch?

Yes, NZDA will be reaching out to our existing Sponsors - Swazi and Stoney Creek - and get NZDA branded clothing. We are also considering taking orders for hats and t-shirts, subject to demand. Watch this space!



Click the image below to read the Branding report.




Click the links below for more information:


2020 Conference Handbook


Addendum to 2020 Conference Handbook


Schedule Two: 2019 Annual Report/Financial Statements


Schedule Three: 2020 Annual Report/Financial Statements


Schedule Nine: Business Plan


Schedule Ten: COLFO Financial Statements 2019



The image below is a screenshot of the new NZDA website which is currently under development. If you click on the image you will be taken to more screenshots of other pages/content.



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