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SSANZ Newsletter Oct 2019


First Amendment


In announcing her first amendment to the Arms Act following the Christchurch terrorist attack Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told the public that she was removing Military Style Semi Automatics and Assault Rifles from society to make New Zealand safer.


What she has steadfastly neglected to tell the public is that she is removing much, much more. By refusing to allow adequate time for consultation the new Act has resulted in many sporting firearms being banned simply through the mechanism of declaring ALL semi-auto centre fire rifles as “Prohibited Firearms” and setting new limits on magazine capacities.


The legislation has captured many more bolt, lever, pump action shotguns and rifles as well as semi-auto shotguns. Examples include: BSA Sportsman 15, Winchester Mod 53, 90 & 06, Marlins, and Browning semi-autos to name a few. All those gun owners who thought a ban of MSSAs and “assault rifles” would not affect them have had a rude wake-up call.


Whether this was Jacinda’s intention or she has been duped by the Police, who drafted the Bill and then analyzed the submissions for the select committee, we will probably never know. What we do know is that the firearm community did its best to point out these unintended (or were they intended) consequences of the Bill in the short time we were given.


If you have not done so already check your firearms and spare magazines, if you have any centrefire semi-auto it is now banned, any rifle magazine greater than 10 rounds is banned. Any shotgun magazine that holds more than 5 cartridges is banned. It may be possible to permanently modify magazines to comply with the new limits.


If you find yourself in possession of a Prohibited Firearm or magazine you should visit the police website for more information, or phone 0800 311 311.


Talk to your mates and make sure that they understand the full effects of this new Act and help any suffering from the stress of it.



The government has signaled its intention to introduce further amendments to the Arms Act in June or July. The Minister of Police has, in an attempt to appease the clarion call of Chris Cahill President of the Police Union, already said he will encourage cabinet to require registration of all firearms. Other restrictions being considered are banning online sales and requiring all sales to be handled through a dealer. It is expected that further restrictions will be placed on certain types of ammunition, such as armour-piercing and tracer, and possibly some calibres deemed to be more dangerous.


As we should all know by now registration is the first step in the process of confiscation, it has been shown to provide no practical use in solving crime, is generally corrupted with errors, and is costly to implement (in Canada it cost over a $2 billion before being scrapped as worthless bureaucracy). It does not prevent crime and does not make the public safer. The Police (should) know where all the legally owned guns are – they’re in the homes of licensed firearm owners; so why implement a system of registration that is of no practical use. If a register is leaked or hacked then it provides a shopping list for criminals.


You need to be ready to react to this new Bill when it is published. Meanwhile talk to your MPs, let them know you are not happy with what the government has done so far to your sport and pastime in reacting to the Christchurch terror attack.



Jacinda says it is not OK to name Brenton Tarrant. 
We say it was Brenton Tarrant who committed the crime, not us, so why not name him?


Jacinda says it is not OK for us to own semi-automatics guns. 
We say it is not OK to deny us our basic democratic rights to be heard.


Jacinda says it is not OK for us to own any firearm that holds more than 10 rounds. 
We say it is not OK to mislead the public by claiming this was about banning assault rifles.


Jacinda says the government needs time to work out how it will take all these guns away from us. 
We say it is not OK to refuse to consult with the firearm owners.


Jacinda says the government needs time to work out how much it will pay in compensation. 
We say it is not OK to treat law abiding citizens with disrespect by leaving matters unresolved.


Jacinda says please keep your prohibited guns secure while the government gets it act together. 
We say most of us do keep our guns secure, it’s police who can’t.


Jacinda says she has more firearm restrictions planned for us. 
We say it is not OK to destroy our sport, culture and heritage.



The following advice comes from a professional PR person:


“By not naming Brenton Tarrant we are playing into the hands of Jacinda’s anti-gun agenda.


Imagine the headlines – “Brenton Tarrant arrested for Mosque massacre” compared to “Lone Shooter arrested for Mosque massacre”


In the first case there is no doubt who is responsible for this heinous crime, in the second case by association all shooters may be held responsible in the minds of the general public.


Refusing to name Brenton Tarrant has allowed Jacinda to shift the blame onto the firearm community and is a PR failure for us. We should remind people at every opportunity who is to blame for the Christchurch massacre – an Australian named Brenton Tarrant with illegally modified firearms.


Please tell that to your MP.”



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