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SSANZ: Update on FCAF from Andrew Edgcombe

By Andrew Edgcombe, SSANZ

I am obliged to fellow COLFO Rep Andrew Edgcombe for this update:


A quick update for you as we are driving home to Taranaki.


The FCAF meeting is done, it was “interesting” and the majority of the meeting was “in committee”.


Training numbers since 1 July 2018 for firearms licenses:

  • 9750 training “opportunities “ 
  • 6726 Attendees (For 17 months this represents about half the number on the old system)
  • 6491 passed
  • 235 not yet completed 
  • 3.49% failure rate


These stats do not include the Whakatupato Program training.


Further changes? Supplementary Order Papers? None at this point although the Bill could still be changed via select committee before the final reading.


The majority of the bill will be in force the day after the final reading, other aspects will be introduced progressively at 6,12 and 24 months. No specific details here as it’s work in progress. Much of the reasoning behind this is that regulation is yet to be drafted to manage the  new legislation.


Consultation will be had in regulation with certain stake holders (hopefully we can positively influence at this time and come up with something workable)


It is expected that a plan will be formulated early next year to start working through regulation. So in essence, a lot of work on the horizon.


The amnesty and buy back ends on the 20th of December, it was confirmed that if an application is in for an endorsement and not finalised, a unique items valuation is yet to be processed or a pest control exemption remains unprocessed that the amnesty conditions will still apply, if you are not successful with your application you will still be eligible for buyback compensation.


Over the past five months Police have seen thousands of New Zealanders taking part in the Amnesty and Buy-back, resulting in more than 47,000 prohibited firearms and 170,000 parts being handed in to date.


Stats on endorsements issued to date:

  • Collector 522 pending, 163 current, 0 Refused
  • Theatrical 25 pending,18 current, 0 refused 
  • Dealers 63 pending,47 Current,0 refused
  • Pest control 99 pending,215 current, 93 refused
  • Farmers 6 pending,0 current,0 refused


It was great to get together with all the other organisation reps for an informal debrief and general discussion post meeting. It’s been a long year for all involved but we are still in the fight. 


Here’s an interesting perspective!


Hawkes Bay Branch member Alan Walker passed away in August 2018, many of you will recall Alan, he was certainly quite a character and very passionate about firearms and collecting. Alan’s wishes were that his collection be a auctioned and the proceeds used for the benefit of the NZAHAA, SSANZ and COLFO.


Alan passed away before the Christchurch issue threw our existing firearms legislation into turmoil, and I’m sure he would be pleased to see his lifetime of collecting contributing to both the ongoing fight and preservation of the three organisations into the future. I believe HB branch will be hosting an auction in 2020, please support this auction and assist with making Alan’s wishes come to fruition.


A word of warning, if you are involved in a shooting club, organisation or range and you run a range book. Be mindful of your personal security and the information the book contains. Such a book with shooters details was stolen from a range. These documents give criminals a shopping list to work from and names can be linked to addresses via an electoral roll with ease.


If you are involved with a club that has this system in place I advise that you review this practice and implement appropriate security precautions.


Remember there’s only 8  official days left of the buyback and amnesty, if you have not actioned a license application or arranged to hand over prohibited items. 


As the online registration portal is closed due to the recent data breach you can call the 0800 311 311 number available on the police website or simply log your items at a buy back event. If you are in any doubt please seek advice from Arms Officers, fellow club members etc. if you are really stuck and need help ask your branch rep or email/call me and I will attempt to arrange assistance at a local level.


Regards to all


Andrew Edgcombe 


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