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SSANZ Update: Police policy changes

By Phil Cregeen, SSANZ

We have been made aware of a number as yet unconfirmed changes in Police Policy that is likely to cause concern for some LFOs


The first relates to vetting for licence applicants and renewals, Police are now appear to be insisting they interview all household members over the age of 18, rather than just spouse or partner.


The second relates to a tougher approach to behavioural issues such as breaking Covid 19 rules, drink driving, disorderly behaviour of close family members, which could result in a LFO being declared to be not a fit and proper person and consequential loss of licence.


“Wouldn't it be great if they put as much energy and resourcing into eradicating other high profile Social Viruses...”


The third relates to the removal of licences from people who no longer engage in the activity that they gave when applying for their original licence, for example a change in employment.


If you have experienced any of these issues please supply us with details, we won’t share your name.


Thanks to Graeme Barber for providing the following items:


The Government is receiving many plaudits for the way it dealing with and eradicating the COVID virus.


Wouldn't it be great if they put as much energy and resourcing into eradicating other high profile Social Viruses including:


  1. Gangs and the harm they do to our society
  2. Deaths by motor vehicle
  3. Suicides


Check out the death statistics by each of the above and make up your own minds if this Government is taking them seriously enough.


1) Just another one to add to the ever-increasing criminal gun violence stats, you decide if this is a safer country that we now live in.


A 28-year-old has been charged after a police chase in Kawerau where shots were fired.


The Police Association claimed last week that there are an increasing number of firearms in the hands of criminals. Millions were spent taking firearms off LFOS and the criminal use of firearms keeps escalating.


Why because their efforts were not focused on reducing supply line of drugs and guns that illegally enter NZ in containers through ports infiltrated by gang members and their associates. They instead misled the country into thinking that LFO's are the problem. Time to shift the focus to scanning all containers that arrive in NZ at every port!


2) And another one.

I wonder if these were LFO's using firearms for recreational purposes or were they unlicensed and involved in criminal activity?


3) Does the law apply to all New Zealanders or not?


Police allowed dozens of people to gather for the tangi of a Black Power member in Dunedin during lockdown.Many had travelled from outside Dunedin for the event.


Despite the breaches, police said in an internal email ‘‘trying to stop it will only create a worse situation for all’’. ‘‘There was no adherence to the bubble rule in the car park by those present - not unexpected and difficult to gain compliance.’’


But Sgt Baker wrote he could not see what options police had in stopping that from happening. ‘‘In terms of a response, I think our best course of action will be to allow this to occur. Trying to stop it will only create a worse situation for all.’’


Police Minister Stuart Nash declined to comment on the specific incident. However, he said he had confidence in the Commissioner of Police to ensure his officers enforced Covid-19 restrictions appropriately. Yet Funerals and church services had not been allowed


4) Police told Armed Response Teams trial flawed before it began


What we want:

  • Transparent evidence-based decision making
  • Authentic consultation
  • Police using their resources to target criminals and not the people that already follow the law
  • Independent authority set up to administer the Firearms law


All the best,


Phil Cregeen



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