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SSANZ UPDATE: Protest Meeting

By Phil Cregeen, SSANZ

I hope you all had a very happy Christmas, and are looking forward to the New Year. Sadly we can’t promise it will be any less stressful for LFOs than the one just ending, but the fight must go on.


Here in Whangarei we are planning a protest meeting on Saturday 8 February, details at bottom of page. The purpose of this is to draw attention to the Arms Legislation Bill 2019 that the Select Committee is due to report back to parliament the week of 10 February. We wish to remind MPs that if they are looking for our vote at the next election then they should vote against or at least abstain from voting on this bill.


You may wish to organise a protest in your own town. Let the politicians know that we are voterswho are passionate about our sport and don’t wish to see it destroyed by ill considered legislation.


This is a quote from Garry Mauser: "It is never wise to rush to pass legislation. That is a recipe for failure. The Arms Legislation Bill of 2019 looks suspiciously like scapegoating. Scapegoating has been used for thousands of years when societies are faced with problems they cannot resolve.


The international evidence is clear: civilian firearms ownership does not pose a public safety hazard.


More guns in civilian hands does not mean more criminal violence. There is no convincing evidence that the introduction of strict regulations on firearms ownership acts to reduce criminal violence or suicide rates. Scapegoating rural residents may win votes from urban voters, but blaming guns for criminal violence is not an effective policy.


The question for New Zealand legislators is what will you do when the next mass public killings happen? Firearms are not unique. Terrorists have used a variety of methods to murder large numbers of people in other countries. Mass murders are rare and impossible to predict, but unfortunately they are likely to occur.


How will the billions of dollars spent on creating an ineffective if massive police bureaucracy be justified?"


All the best,


Phil Cregeen






Hi fellow gun enthusiasts,


Like you the Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand are unhappy that the Government has chosen to ignore the submissions made during the abbreviated select committee process on the Firearms Legislation Bill. The vast majority of submissions were against the bill, including several from non shooting organisations. This is an affront to our democracy!


SSANZ is in the process of organising a Pro-Gun protest meeting at Mander Park in Whangarei for Saturday 8th February 10.00am - 12.00noon.


We want you there with any supporters you can muster!


We can show our members of Parliament that there will be a cost to passing this bill - and that cost will be our vote and their governmental salaries.


So if you want to do something positive about stopping this gun bill bring yourself, family and friends, as we need numbers. 


As with past protests we are mindful that we need to portray a positive image, so we ask that all participants dress tidily, and direct all discussion to the organisers. We are happy for you to bring your own banners but reserve the right to ask you not to display them if we think they could be misconstrued to portray us in a negative context. 


For those of you who haven’t protested before, the main thing is just you being there and perhaps holding up a sign. If you can help more please contact


The Fireams Bill is due back in the house on the 10th of February so this is our last chance to influence our MPs to stop it being passed. Together we can succeed!


SSANZ will also be having its AGM on the same day at 2pm in the Forum North. We will have refreshments! All welcome!


Please forward this on to club members, friends, family and fellow shooters - in fact anyone you know who is unhappy with the treatment of firearms owners by the government. Again we need numbers.


Hope you have a Happy Gun Year!


Alec Melville

Lead Organiser


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