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Dividing a Nation - The Return to Tikanga.

By Tony Orman
  •   12th Feb, 2020 Feb 12, 2020, 10:59 AM
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Author Dr John Robinson is “a scientist and futures scholar” and is clearly worried about the divided New Zealand - i.e.a small percentage of part maori ancestry who demand special rights and the remainder - the majority of New Zealanders. The word Tikanga to entitle Maori practices and culture over centuries in pre-European times was “murderous in practice.”. says the author.


Since the arrival of Europeans Tikanga “has changed and fragmented.”


We all came to know of the injustices (of apartheid) and to abhor the division of people by the idea of race.


John Robinson writes New Zealand deserves something better, to be one people. He laments that despite the Prime Minister after the March 15 Christchurch shooting saying “we are one people” and the governor general calling for unity, that “they were lying.”


He writes it is important the growing division be debated so New Zealand can once again become “one people” as defined in the Treaty of Waitangi.


What’s this to do with hunting and the outdoors? Already are instances particularly around coastal areas of New Zealanders being ordered to leave.


New Zealand’s society established by the Treaty was an egalitarian one where access to the outdoors is for everyone


John Robinson has been brave enough to pen it. I’ve been brave enough to review it!


Every New Zealander should be brave enough to read it - and then make judgement.





Dividing a Nation - The Return to Tikanga

By John Robinson

206 pages of text plus 8 pages of colour photos

Published by Tross Publishing

RRP. $35.00


To purchase this book, click here.


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