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It's about the future

By Nik Maxwell

By now, most of the NZG&H community will be aware of our decision to transition from print to digital.


I’ll be completely honest here; it was a very difficult decision and certainly not one that we took lightly.


For nearly 30 years, NZG&H has been committed to its subscribers, readers, the industry, and everyone else who follows and supports the shooting sports. Like any business, we can’t do it without that support and for that we thank you.


On the back of this move was my concern for those readers who either don’t have a computer or internet access, or don’t care much for the online experience. That has been the main comment – that readers will miss the tactile feel and look of a printed magazine. Having been in the print industry for over 16 years, I completely understand that.


The thing about change is that it won’t suit everyone. We get used to our ways and there is comfort in consistency. Change can be both confronting and daunting, the ‘fear’ of the unknown. In the last few months, I can certainly relate to that! There have been more than a few sleepless nights, the night before we went public with our decision was one of them.


In general, the feedback has been very positive with many of our subscribers and readers eager to continue to support NZG&H (NZGUNS) in its new format. And from that, I’m committed to continue as a strong advocate for
our community.


Which brings me to an important point. The reach that digital content has is overwhelming and limitless. There are few barriers to the content that can be published (within reason) online which means that we can still chat about and enjoy ideas that under a print format some people (distributors and retail outlets) might consider ‘objectionable’...


To put it simply, we won’t be dictated to by third parties. You can read into that statement whatever you like.


This means we can push as hard as we can to preserve and fight for our chosen pastime. Preserving what we have is the single most important consideration for me as a hunter, shooter and licensed firearm owner. Whether my children grow up to hunt and shoot in the same manner I do is up to them, but what does matter is that they are not denied the opportunity.


At the very least both Amanda and I want them to experience everything that hunting, shooting and the great outdoors has to offer.


To everyone that has supported us over the last 29 years and 175 issues of NZG&H, thank you very much.

We hope to see many of you embrace the new format and continue to enjoy everything that NZG&H (NZGUNS) has and will offer.


Nik & Amanda


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