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Lyman Long Range Precision Rifle Reloading Handbook

By Chaz Forsyth
  •   22nd Nov, 2019 Nov 22, 2019, 12:00 AM
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Fifteen different suppliers of firearm-related shooting products were involved in the production of this handbook. The editor’s eighth production to date, he has involved experts from many fields to describe the ins and outs of long range precision shooting.


These include bullet and cartridge case design, ignitor and propellant manufacturing, and related systems such as optics and ballistics.


Six chapters about long range ammunition preparation, Precision Rifle Series competition protocols, optimising rifles for these competitions and describing in detail two key cartridges which have become well-regarded in this field provide valuable insights into the long range rifle shooting game. Calibres considered range from .22 (5.56 mm) through to .338 (8.59 mm).


Loading data for fourteen cartridges is provided for a variety of long range bullets, and details of their ballistic shape with respect to internal ballistic considerations are not overlooked. Trajectory tables are provided for bullets in the five calibres described in the book, and the much of the data covers both G1 and G7 ballistic coefficients.


This text would be enhanced by the supply of a glossary. This is because more than 20 terms, although mostly explained in the text, are often peculiar to long range shooting and so tend to be obscure to the rest of us.


Otherwise though, I think this would be a valuable addition to any aspiring long range (loosely defined as beyond 200m) hunter-shooter’s bookshelf.


RRP incl. GST $37.90

(Griffin, T.J. (Ed.)(2018), CT, USA: Lyman Products Corp. (128 pp.)


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