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NZGUNS (NZG&H) Press Release: Firearms Law Reform


Hi everyone,


Below is important information pertaining to the firearm law reforms and the impact they are having on both our community and the industry.


The emails below (received from our distributor Ovato NZ - formerly PMP/Gordon & Gotch - the largest print/distribution company in New Zealand) highlight the position we were placed in as a result of the new legislation.


Over the last few months we have received many enquiries from our advertisers, subscribers and readers asking about the new legislation as the current laws have banned and impacted a much larger range of firearms, accessories and parts etc, than expected, many of which we regularly review and advertise.


I strongly believe that it is our responsibility as a publisher to keep both our community and the industry informed as to why we are unable to review or advertise this type of content anymore.




Email received 27/03/2019 (Ovato)


“In light of the recent gun law changes we have had pushback from retailers who are wanting to cancel a number of imported gun-related magazines which feature content or advertising on any weapons that are now banned.


As your publication features gun related content, we just wanted to check in with you to ensure you have made the necessary changes to your publication to reflect the law change moving forward. I am sure your team is already across this, however it is our responsibility as the distributor to let you know if any publication does feature advertising or content of a objectionable nature and not in accordance with NZ gun laws we will not be distributing it.”


Email received 28/03/2019 (Ovato)


“As long as you are complying with the changes in the law and will not be featuring any content relating to the types of guns that have been banned – that is sufficient...


We know in NZ the guns industry is acting responsibly and I don’t expect there will be objectionable material in the magazine, ...


We just wanted to send a note out to publishers affected to ensure they are not featuring any of the guns that have been banned.”



Email received 22/10/2019 (Ovato)


“As discussed, Ovato Retail Distribution is not the censor on these issues – we are just trying to ensure that our publishing clients do not print any content that is objectionable under the law; as well as having content that retailers will accept in their stores.”




Despite Ovato's reasonable approach the message is clear - the content of our magazine will now be vetted by the industry at both the distribution and the retail level - they will decide what is acceptable. A shopkeeper who doesn't like the content of our magazine can turn it down.


I hope that this information clarifies one of the primary reasons why we decided to make the move to digital.


This post marks the 'end' of NZG&H as we transition to NZGUNS.


Thanks you to everyone who has supported us over the last 29 years.


Next week sees the beginning of the new era of NZGUNS and we can't wait.




Nik & Amanda/NZGUNS


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