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Police confirm storage of Prohibited Firearm parts

By New Zealand Police

Police wish to clarify the storage requirements of prohibited vital parts, such as bolts, for firearms licence holders with (or wanting to apply for) a prohibited firearm (P) endorsement as a: collector, museum director/curator, theatrical or person wishing to hold their item as a heirloom/momento.


The Arms Act 1983 requires a vital part from a prohibited firearm that is held by these P endorsement licence holders to be kept at a separate address from the prohibited firearm.


The separate address and the security both need to be approved by Police.


Police will consider vital part storage addresses that are premises of other licence holders or even non-licence holders (in appropriate cases). 


The security for the part will need to meet security requirements and non-licence holders cannot have access to prohibited parts.


The following types of premises may be considered to store the vital part: 

  • The premises of another licence holder with a P endorsement who does not have firearms that fit the vital parts being stored, using that endorsement holder’s security;
  • The premises of another licence holder without a P endorsement.


There would need to be separately installed security (e.g. a small safe) that can only be accessed by the owner of the vital parts (and not by the occupier of the premises or anyone else);

  • The premises of a close family member of the vital part owner who doesn’t have a licence.


There would need to be separately installed security (e.g. a small safe) that can only be accessed by the owner of the vital parts and not the occupier of the premises or anyone else; or

  • The endorsement holders’ work or business premises (with permission of premises/business owner).


There would need to be separately installed security (e.g. a small safe) that can only be accessed by the owner of the vital parts (and not by other people who may enter those premises). 


Firearms licence holders that have already been granted a P endorsement on one of the relevant capacities will be contacted by Police to discuss which of the options above would be most appropriate for the endorsement holder. 


For anyone still wishing to apply for a P endorsement to possess prohibited items that are still in their possession following the April 2019 law change, please note that you must apply before 20 December 2019.


For more information on the requirements under the Act and the application process, please see here


Firearms secure storage requirements can be found here


Issued by the Police Media Centre


You can also view this release, including any additional images, online at:




New Zealand Police


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