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Real Country, real people



Real Country was founded by ‘Southern Girl’ Laura Douglas in 2016. Laura was born and raised on a sheep farm just down the road and after nearly a decade in the corporate world, she switched the city and stilettos for the farm and gumboots. 


The Real Country Farm allows all its visitors to experience the real New Zealand and have authentic rural interactions with local hosts.


For the second year running Real Country will be hosting a series of awesome workshops that are designed to teach local kiwis a range of practical farming and hunting skills.


The Ladies Only Duck Shooting Workshops take place at the Real Country maimai where Laura teaches gun basics like how to choose the right gun for you, what ammunition is suitable for what situations and how to shoot a variety of different clay targets with different guns.


“See the real New Zealand with Real Country.”


Laura also provides first hand experience and information on how to set a pond, call in ducks, pluck, gut and prepare your ducks! Most importantly, no experience is required to attend these workshops and beginners are encouraged to attend!


Real Country also runs Full Day Farm Skills workshops where you will be taught a range of practical skills like how to repair a broken wire on a fence, change a tyre, work with horses, use strops and tie downs to secure loads, claybird shoot, crack whips and jump start flat batteries. Again, no experience is needed and anyone over 11 years of age is welcome to attend!


Follow the Real Country Facebook page to stay updated with all the workshop details.


Also, please make sure you check out this great feature from the Project showcasing Real Country and duck hunting!



Great to see a positive take from our mainstream media!


For more information on the full range of activities and learning experiences offered at Real Country, contact Laura via the details below!

Laura Douglas

Real Country

M. +64 2131 0613

T. +64 3441 8588


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