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Got tech?! Get tech.

By Nik Maxwell

Thanks to the advances in technology, the need to purchase batteries, or even charge your rechargeable batteries each time you head out for an extended trip, is over.



The NexTorch myStar headlamp utilises a rechargeable battery cell that is easily charged via a USB cable.


It can be recharged through any standard USB capable adapter either from your home wall socket, computer or car. You just need the appropriate charger adapter and/or for each power outlet.


Standard charging times will vary depending on what appliance you use.


The myStar head lamp is of typical design featuring an adjustable elasticised head band with the battery unit positioned at the rear. A plastic clip on the right hand side of the strap allows the wearer to adjust for fit.


The myStar headlamp is both lightweight and compact.


The main torch unit is constructed from aluminium alloy with a polymer plastic surround and battery housing. The tilt adjustable lamp has 3 brightness settings as well as spot to flood function.


An easy to locate soft rubber on/off button is positioned directly on top of the lamp unit. The 360° free rotating head means you can turn the lamp in any direction to adjust the beam.


The bulb is an OSRAM P9 LED and boasts an impressive 760 Lumens and the White beam it emits is very bright.


It is a pretty straight forward headlamp with simple and easy to operate functionality.



In all honesty, there is only so much you can say about this thing! The Energizer Power Bank provides on the hill USB recharging for most small electrical devices.


With 15000mAh worth of charge, you’ll be able to recharge devices multiple times. Research suggests that accounts for 5 full charges of a modern smartphone.


The Power Bank is roughly the same size as a modern smartphone.


With 3x ports, you have the capability to charge 3 devices at the same time. A detachable USB cable allows the power bank to be recharged also.


The power bank weighs in at 360gms and is constructed from Black plastic.



I’ve used both the headlamp and power pack plenty over the year. The lamp performance was great and there was plenty of juice left after a 4 day trip with normal use. Normal use for me doesn’t involve much night time activity to be fair, perhaps a little early morning or after dark travel.


The beam lit up the tracks well and I found navigation through the bush or over the open tops achievable at the medium brightness setting. It sat comfortably on my head and there was plenty of adjustment from the head band. Overall, a great unit. 


I’ve always enjoyed tech and use my phone for a variety of things during hunting trips. New Zealand Maps and Google Earth means I can check my location pretty much anywhere and add waypoints and tracks. I’ll also take Google Earth images of an area from my PC and upload them to the device.


This gives me a 3D view of a hunting area allowing me to nut out spots to check out while I’m away. A couple of movies stored for the early nights is a bit of a guilty pleasure also.


For these reasons, the Power Bank is a very handy tool that allows me to keep the phone charged and ready to use. It is a now a permanent fixture in my pack.


Modern tech is making our time on the hill just that little bit more comfortable. The functionality of being able to charge multiple devices, including a headlamp, makes this combination a practical choice for the hunter considering an upgrade to their tech items.




For more information on either of these products, head over to Vaughan Sports.


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