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Browning’s Sweet 16

By Craig Maylam

I was a self-confessed appalling shot with a shotgun and my answer was to continually trade in guns in the hope I would find the magic combo. For whatever reason Larry (Larry Brolly, who some of you might remember was years ago the manager of Gun City in Christchurch) decided to take me under his wing and teach me how to get the best out of my shotgun(s).


Larry was no mean shot and if memory serves me correctly had been an exhibition shooter for Browning back in the UK. Whatever his past, he could shoot and he made me into a passable shot with patience and perseverance. A large part of the spring and summer fun in this district is pigeon shooting and Larry and I shared a lot of afternoons in pursuit of this noble quarry. Larry possessed a Thomas Bland 16 gauge hammer gun that had twist steel barrels and he shot it.


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