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Forty Plus Years With the .308 Winchester: Part 1. The Early Years

By Grandpa Mac

Sometime in the mid 1970’s I walked into the long-gone Carlton Sports Shop in Hastings and purchased my first new centrefire rifle. It was a Remington 700 ADL in .308 Win. I paid $243.00 for the rifle and the chap behind the counter chucked in a couple of boxes of CAC cartridges to clinch the deal. This started a long and interesting time loading for the .308 Winchester, some of the highlights of which will be presented below.



I had been reloading for the .303 so a set of .308 Winchester dies and a shell holder was purchased and I was good to go. Early loads were middle loads of AR2201 behind Norma 180gr flat point projectiles taken from Cyril Waterworth’s book Reloading Simplified.

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