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Noble Model 275 – An Unusual American Rimfire...

By Justin Bulling

As a firearms enthusiast I’ve been reading gun magazines for 40 years. This, as well as frequenting gun shops, shows and shooting ranges, meant that I thought there wasn’t a gun manufacturer I hadn’t seen mentioned. I was surprised therefore when I saw an advertisement for a Noble lever-action .22 on a local gunshop’s website.


A Google search confirmed that Noble was an American firearm manufacturer, but the web provided only a sketchy history and little information on the company itself. The Noble Firearms Manufacturing Co operated from 1949 until 1971 and was based in Haydenville Massachusetts which is just outside of Williamsberg – the manufacturing heartland during the industrial revolution of the 19th century. Straddling the Mill River, Haydenville is now a historic heritage village with many restored buildings including a large Gothic Revival style building that formally housed The Haydenville Manufacturing Co which operated a water-powered brass works.


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