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Welcome to NZGUNS

By Nik Maxwell



As many of you will already know, NZGUNS (formerly NZ Guns & Hunting Magazine) made the rather difficult 'choice' a few months ago to move from a printed magazine format to a digital one. 


That is all done and dusted now and we are really excited to bring to you a brand new digital platform for the New Zealand hunting, shooting and firearms community.


We have been working bloody hard on creating a website that we hope will become the digital hub for like-minded hunters and shooters. 


So, what does the NZGUNS website offer?! Well, plenty.


  • Rich Content: A digital platform allows us to place everything together such as images, videos, links to external sites. If it's online, it can be on the site. 
  • Searching & Categories: We have a solid search function and the use of categories/tags allows you to easily dial in on the content your most interested about.
  • Sharing: If you enjoy sharing content, we have it covered. Every article on the NZGUNS website has the ability to be shared with your friends and family. You will see several tabs at both the top and bottom of each article with social media and sharing options.
  • Live Chat: We have a live chat feature. This provides a direct link to an operator (probably me!) where we can offer support and assistance. Look for the Orange circle in the bottom right hand corner of your devices screen. I'll be available to help most of the time but if not, please leave a message, phone or email!
  • Push Notifications: New content on the site?! We have Push Notification functionality which we can use to notify you to new content on the site. Don't worry we won't send spam!
  • Progressive Web App: This is really awesome. The NZGUNS website can be installed as an application directly on to your PC or mobile device. If your device supports it, look for the arrow in the top right hand side of your web browser and hit the download button. You may also receive a prompt to install the app. The NZGUNS website will be installed just like a normal smart phone app!


The NZGUNS website will continue to evolve and adapt making sure that you are receiving the best user experience we can offer. We welcome feedback so please drop us a line if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the site.


We are determined to make the NZGUNS website an open forum for ideas, thoughts and discussion on firearms and hunting related content that is free from any form of censorship. Expect to see more firearms focused content on a much wider range of subjects. This is the place to talk guns.


NZGUNS will continue to work as an advocate of, and a voice for, the more than 240,000 licensed firearm owners.


NZGUNS values its loyal readers and we hope to continue to receive your support as we begin our journey into the digital era.




Nik & Amanda


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