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Fiordland: A Photographic Essay

By Hayden Sturgeon

The wapiti bugle is considered by many to be the pinnacle of hunting and adventure in New Zealand.


Every year, enthusiastic hunters head south to pit themselves against not only the animals but also the weather and terrain, both of which are formidable opponents in their own right.


Keen hunter and shooter Hayden Sturgeon has spent many years in the wilderness that is Fiordland in pursuit of a record book bull.


The following images showcase just what it is that draws Hayden, and hundreds of other hunters, every year to hunt one of the most mentally demanding and physically challenging areas in New Zealand.


Hayden looking into Lake Sutherland, Masgurade Gulley running to the left.


Spending time behind the glass is essential in big country like this.


A great photographic study of a wapiti cow and calf out on the tops.


View across Lake Sutherland.


A stunning Fiordland sunset.


Drying out days are common place in Fiordland, provided you can get a fine day!


A tributary of Canyon Creek.


Hanging out with the local kea!


A young bull comes out to a roar at the lake edge.


Sourcing water isn't a problem in Fiordland!



Rum Gully - famous for producing many trophy bulls over the years.


Hayden with his ripper mature 11pt wapiti bull. A trophy of a lifetime.


The 2020 wapiti ballot kicks off this week with the first period parties heading in on the 20th March!


For more information and to keep up-to-date with the 2020 wapiti ballot, visit:


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