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Winter Tahr Hunting: A Photographic Essay

By Hayden Sturgeon

Hunting tahr generally requires an additional level of fortitude, resilience and fitness. Doing so in winter can often require even more.


The terrain, coupled with unpredictable weather, can be daunting at the best of times and you'll need to be able to dig deep within yourself when the conditions and/or circumstances become challenging...


These images, taken by NZGUNS Field Editor, Hayden Sturgeon, represent what it is to hunt this amazing alpine game animal in what can only be described as demanding terrain and weather.


Hayden is a very experienced and determined tahr hunter and the photos below showcase what it takes to be successful when hunting tahr, and the effort and planning required.


Glassing. When chasing tahr, you'll be doing plenty of that!


Tahr hunting often involves tackling some formidable terrain.


Camping at altitude. Enough said...


A solid bull tahr showcases his impressive cliffhanging abilities.


Quality gear is required when hunting and camping in conditions such as this.


A view from your tent doesn't get much better!


Tough times on the food situation. This bull is taking advantage of whatever he can find.


Camping at lower altitudes can also provide the goods...


A mature bull and his nannies located below the snow line.


Bull down. Hayden secured this 13.5" ripper during a hunt on the West Coast.


Harevsting the rewards. Tahr meat makes for some pretty awesome curries!


You can read about this hunt by following the link below:

Optical superiority - the Swarovski Z8i 2.3-18x56


Also, make sure you check out Hayden's informative article on hunting tahr at this link:

Winter Tahr Hunting Tips & Info


And to keep up with the latest information, head over to the New Zealand Tahr Foundation website:


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