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Woodhill Fallow Ballot 2020

By Woodhill Fallow Management Committee
  •   26th May, 2020 May 26, 2020, 9:15 AM
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The Woodhill Fallow Ballot applications for 2020 are now open.


Please click on the link below to access the site for your online applications.


The Woodhill Fallow Management Committee (WFMC) met this week and have agreed that it is possible to run the Ballot blocks this year and still meet the Covid-19 criteria.


So what is the process from here:

The 2020 season was notified on the WFMC website yesterday and while it will be a little bit later starting than in previous years, it is certainly still happening.


What you need to do now, as hunters and applicants, is to get onto this straight away and get your applications in as the close off date is Friday 12th June.


That is less than 3 weeks so if you snooze you lose - it’s that simple. This is purely a consequence of Covid-19 but it is also to maximise the chance for as many hunters as possible to still get a hunt in the fallow blocks.


The WFMC have put a huge amount of work and commitment into this and are really keen to see hunters out there having a great time, you’ve all deserved it after lockdown!!


Good luck to everyone and please check out the WFMC website today for full details.


Kindest regards,


Maureen Coleman

Woodhill Fallow Management Committee



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