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NZGUNS Digital Marketing

NZGUNS is rapidly becoming the digital hub for New Zealand’s firearms, hunting and shooting community.


Since launching in December 2019, the NZGUNS website has proven to not only be a popular resource for the New Zealand hunting and shooting community, but also an excellent platform for the industry to advertise and promote their products.


Digital advertising is becoming the new norm and is the fastest growing marketing channel available today. Whatever your current advertising strategies and campaigns may be, it makes sense to include digital.


“A core strength of digital advertising is that it is easily measurable. We can see week to week how an advert is performing and split test to see what works and what doesn't.”


This is where NZGUNS can help you. Our platform, and the technology behind it, makes online advertising simple and cost-effective.


Check out the stats below for an overview of how NZGUNS is performing.


NZGUNS Website Performance Overview: March vs April 2020:


Why work with NZGUNS?

For 30 years NZGUNS has specialised in editorial reviews of firearms, ammunition, optics, reloading equipment and all associated hunting and outdoor products. We want to continue that tradition.


NZGUNS is the digital platform for your advertising campaigns and offers a proven medium on which to promote your products.


One of the main advantages of online advertising is that adverts are not limited to the single placement that print currently offers.


  • Your advert can appear multiple times across multiple pages at no extra cost.
  • Your advert can be rotated out for another advert up to 4 times per month (one a week for example).
  • You can have 4 different adverts rotating across the whole site for the price of one advert.
  • We work inhouse. We can work with you to create additional advertisements to promote your products. The advert creation and artwork updating service is included with the pricing. (Conditions apply).


A core strength of digital advertising is that it is easily measurable. We can see week to week how an advert is performing and split test to see what works and what doesn't. And with our in-house advert creation and design, we can tailor your advertising collateral quickly and efficiently.


Another strength is that your digital advertising campaigns can reach the market much faster than traditional methods. A campaign could be drafted, signed off and executed within a week and can also be modified on the fly if needed.


For us, advertising isn't about booking an advert and hoping for a result, it is about collaboration and creation of an effective advertising strategy. It is about long term relationships and continued growth. It is about working together to build your brand and sell your products.


Who does NZGUNS work with?

NZGUNS deals and works with some of the biggest brands in the hunting and shooting industry.


Swarovski, CZ Rifles, Zeiss, Savage, Vortex Optics, Winchester, Nosler, Bushnell, MSR, Sierra Bullets, Browning, Belmont Ammunition, Redding, Federal Ammunition, Ruger, Norma, Mauser, Ridgeline, Hodgdon, Vihtavouri Powders, Hornady, GPO, PROOF and many more.


You will find these brands and their products featured throughout the NZGUNS website.


We work closely with the importers and distributors of these brands to create effective advertising collateral combined with real world product reviews and testfires. 


Below are some key points on why digital advertising works.

  • Online advertising is fast, flexible, and trackable.
  • Promote to your specific target markets.
  • Targeted advert placement.
  • Drive traffic to your website & products via direct URL linking.
  • Instant access and exposure to your products.
  • Lower your marketing costs.
  • Actively promote and support your promotional campaigns.
  • Your advert viewed across multiple pages in multiple locations.
  • Global reach.
  • Your competitors are doing it.


If you are considering building upon your existing advertising campaign, please get in contact with me.


NZGUNS is growing and we want to see your brand and your business grow with it.


I have been a hunter and shooter for over 40 years. I spend my time on the range and in the hills. I know the industry.


You can reach me on 021 0226 0185 or email me at to chat things through.



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