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NZGUNS Photo Competitions

NZGUNS runs regular photo competitions. Be on the look out for the latest competitions below!

Bushnell NZ Photo Competition



Send in your favourite 2020 hunting or shooting photo for your chance to win these awesome Bushnell binoculars!


Winner of the binos are announced very two months beginning January. There are also chances to win One Year Subscriptions to NZGUNS!


Entry is easy! Just email your photo, including a brief description, to:

WIN a pair of Bushnell Prime 10X25 Binos!

Send in your favourite 2020 deer, pig, goat, chamois, tahr, rabbit or wallaby hunting pic for your chance to win!

Xanthia Frith

Xanthia Frith with her first possum taken with her Savage Rascal .22lr!

Ross Nava

Ross Nava with a sambar yearling! Ross shoots Tikka T3x Superlite chambered in .270 Win. topped with a Minox 4-12x40 scope and fitted with a Ghost modular suppressor.

Jack McCabe

Jack McCabe (9 years old) with his first bull tahr on the deck using his Dads 22-250. A very proud moment for both Jack and his Dad.

Rolly Clavecilla

Rolly Clavecilla with his first deer, a sambar that he secured with his Bergara B-14 HMR chambered in .308 Win.

WINNER: NZGUNS One Year Subscription!

Stuart Langslow

Stuart Langslow with a through the scope pic of a fallow doe and fawn. The rifle is a Sako Finnlight chambered in 7mm-08 and topped with a Leupold VX5 3-15.

WINNER: Bushnell Prime 10x25 Binos!

Abby Cooper

Abby Cooper with her first deer! A fallow harvested during a hunt in the Lees Valley. Abby shoots a Marlin chambered in .223 Rem.

WINNER: NZGUNS One Year Subscription!

Cam Stokman

Cam Stokman secured this tidy 10.25" x 9.75" chamois buck on the final day of a 5 day solo trip!

Solomon Reid

First solo deer for Solomon (left) - a spiker shot from 200m with a .243. His brother Ezra helped him to spot and find it.

NZGUNS Digital Subscription Giveaways!

We regularly give away One Year Subscriptions to NZGUNS, send in your pic to be in with a chance!

Blake Crosbie

Blake Crosbie with his first deer that he shot with a .270 Win. on his 10th birthday!

Brett Stokman

Brett with a tidy red stag harvested during a hunt in the Kaimai Ranges. Brett shoots a Ruger American Ranch Rifle chambered in .450!

WINNER: NZGUNS One Year Subscription!

Reuben Jane

Reuben and his daughter Ruby (11) carry out the meat after a successful goat hunt!

Ralph McLeay

Ralph, and Zorro the dog, secured this monster red stag during a hunt in the Raetihi area! Ralph shoots a Tikka T3 chambered in .270 Win. topped with a Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40 scope.

Alex Allwright

Alex with a solid fallow buck harvested on New Years Day 2020! Alex shoots a Remington Model 700 chambered in .243 Win.

Mariana Puarere

Mariana (13) with her first deer! A fallow buck that she dropped with a clean 180m shot using her Dad's Mossberg chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor and fitted with a Bushnell Forge 2.5-15x50 scope!

WINNER: NZGUNS One Year Subscription!

Hannah Fowler

Hannah Fowler with her first red stag shot just on dark with her .25-06. Hannah adds that there is better way of keeping her away from the shops on Boxing Day than out hunting!

WINNER: NZGUNS One Year Subscription!

Tessa Boyd

Tessa Boyd (8) shot her very first animal using a Red Dot; an old scarred up trophy buck hare during a hunt at Charlies Hut, Glenfalloch Station.

WINNER: NZGUNS One Year Subscription!

Dylan Boyd

Dylan Boyd (7) shot 2 young rabbits that the Boyd family cooked up for breakfast!

Steven Porter

Steven Porter secured this monster 12pt red stag during a hunt last week. Steve shoots a Tikka chambered in .243 with Federal Fusions.

Jordan Jefferis

Jordan Jefferis with a couple of red stags for the chiller!

Marty Tapp

Marty carries out the hindquarters of a red deer after a successful meat hunt!

Leighton Mehlhopt

Leighton with a fallow spiker destined for the freezer!

Blake Crawford

Cousins Blake Crawford (17), Henry Harvey (7) and dog "Ted" on a recent hunting trip!

Piper Rickey

Piper Rickey (8) with her first deer! A young fallow doe that she harvested with her Dad’s Howa .223 Rem.

Angus McIntyre

Angus McIntyre took this awesome photo of a white fallow buck!

Evan Fleming

Evan Fleming (7) with his very first rabbit. Shot using his Grand-dad’s CZ 455.

Jesse Eagers-James

Jesse Eagers-James secured this tidy 9.5" chamois buck with his Sako Finnlight chambered in .243 Win.

WINNER: Bushnell Prime 10x25 Binos!

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